Collection: Pharm Balm CBD Rub

Pharm Balm’s Full-Spectrum CBD Oil is extracted from the cleanest Organic-Proprietary method available. Our oil is a full plant extract that contains the Full-Enterage of powerful terpenes & cannabinoids and is a great source of essential vitamins, minerals, Omega fatty acids and flavonoids. Unlike other products that heat their CBD Oil killing the live plant material, Pharm Balm uses an organic hydro-carbon extraction method that captures the true beauty of the plant the way nature intended. 

We believe that stripping the terpenes and THC from the oil reduces the medicinal properties of the product.  Research has shown that the Full-Spectrum CBD Oil is the most effective. 

The base of Pharm Balm contains high quality 100% organic Shea Butter.  Essential oils and other carrier oils are added for their healing properties and fragrance.  Our organically grown CBD Rub contains 2500 milligrams of pure, potent CBD with essential oils to soothe and relieve you. 

Sourced for maximum quality and sustainability, Pharm Balm is made with a gentle extraction process that retains the whole plant’s benefits.  It’s natural, non-habit forming, and multi-purpose.  Apply Pharm Balm for soothing self-care after exercise or anytime.